Simplified Sewer Systems, Bac Ninh City

Decentralised wastewater management does not only comprise many different treatment technologies that can be applied, but also a new thinking on how to connect dischargers to the treatment plant. In a decentralised concept, so-called "Simplified Sewer Systems" (SSS) might be a solution.

Simplified sewer systems are low-cost sewer systems that collect all household wastewater in small-diameter pipes laid at fairly flat gradients. Simplified sewers are laid in the front yard or under the pavement or - if feasible - inside the back yard, rather than in the centre of the road as with conventional sewerage. It is suitable for existing unplanned low-income areas, as well as new housing estates with a regular layout. SSS try to avoid pumping stations and large diameter pipes.

Here are a few impressions from our demonstration project in Viem Xa Village / Bac Ninh City. The concept has been developed in cooperation with Bac Ninh water Supply and Sewerage Company, who are also in charge of O&M.