National Workshop on Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning in Hanoi

Created on 18 June 2012 Print Email

Knowledge Management (KM) and Institutional Learning (IL) are the issues of increasing interest in the organisational management. To facilitate the implementation of KM & IL in the wastewater companies of the Wastewater Management Project, a national workshop was organised on 30th of May, 2012 in Hanoi.

The workshop was designed to present theoretical concepts, research results, and of more focus, practical experiences, models of KM & IL in various national and international companies and organisations. Speakers from diverse branches such as ADB, Ford, National University of Economics, etc. brought to the workshop their valuable knowledge and practices. Some best results of KM & IL in the project were also shown by the Knowledge Management Taskforce of the wastewater companies.

Guests and participants of the workshop found the presentations knowledgeable, interesting and useful for the personal knowledge expansion and also for the further carry-out of KM & IL in the wastewater companies. The Vice-Chairman cum General Secretary of the Vietnam Water Supply and  Sewerage Association stated in his comment speech that the KM approach should be presented and discussed extensively in other similar workshops.

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