Baseline Studies Conducted in Three Provinces

Created on 18 July 2012 Print Email

DSC01880WMP is currently conducting baseline studies in the cities of Son La, Hoa Binh and Lang Son. Altogether 900 randomly selected households will be interviewed regarding the acceptance of wastewater tariffs, citizens' knowledge and their rights and obligations on wastewater management, as well as the condition of the wastewater infrastructure in their city. The baseline studies lay the ground for future activities in these provinces.

Son La, Hoa Binh and Lang Son joined the WMP for phase three of the programme in November 2011. Since then, institutional assessments as well as initial workshops were carried out in the cities in order to develop a better understanding of local conditions. The baseline studies are yet another step in this direction.

The data forms the basis for future capacity building activities and will be used to measure the project success at completion and during implementation of the programme. Furthermore, the best communication channels for information – education – communication (IEC) campaigns will be identified. IEC campaigns are an important tool for the development of people's awareness for the need of sustainable wastewater management.

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