Provincial Visits to Discuss and Agree Two Year Roadmap

Created on 01 August 2012 Print Email

The WMP team has just finished visits to the nine provinces to present, discuss and agree a roadmap of key tasks and activities to be conducted over the next two years. The activities will result in the finalization of a provincial regulation on urban wastewater management. Key tasks in the roadmaps include supporting the nine provinces with

  • establishing consistent policy directions and a clear vision for the development of urban wastewater management,
  • establishing financial arrangements for the operation and maintenance of wastewater management,
  • improving the organizational structure for wastewater management,
  • supporting the development of regulations needed for technical issues such as provincial policy on wastewater system connection,
  • and promoting the use of an effective management contract between the PPC and service companies.

A draft roadmap was prepared for each province based on their specific requirements and conditions. The draft roadmap was presented to the PPC vice-chair and leaders from City People's Committees, relevant departments, wastewater service companies, and the Board for the Management of Industrial Zones. Comments from participants were used to revise the roadmaps and develop a consensus on the way forward. The nine provinces also agreed that the scope of work should include urban areas across the province and include industrial zones and hospitals.

The team is currently preparing workplans for the nine provinces and will present them in the coming weeks.

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