Meetings to Prepare for Consultation Workshop on Revisions to Decree 88

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The Wastewater Management Programme organized meetings on the 12th and 18th September before the Consultation Workshop on Revisions to Decree 88 in Hanoi and Binh Duong. The purpose of the meetings was so provincial leaders and officials could discuss the key issues and challenges they face in implementing the Decree and prepare statements for presentation during the workshop the next day. Key issues discussed at the two meetings included:

  • Defining the ownership of wastewater assets
  • Defining a wastewater service connection rule
  • Defining consistent fees/tariffs for wastewater
  • Defining clear linkages in the wastewater management policy and regulatory framework between national and provincial levels and developing a provincial regulatory framework
  • Technical diversification to respond to conditions in different urban areas
  • The inclusion of an orientation for the development of urban wastewater and drainage management and treatment in master planning

The meeting in the South also included discussion on the following additional points:

  • Clearly define where the responsibilities of the government and households and private sector in investments in urban wastewater and drainage management and treatment. Clearly state who is responsible for tertiary canals and connections.
  • The transfer of wastewater and drainage infrastructure ownership in new urban areas
  • The objectives of Decree 88 should be clear about trade villages and industrial clusters

All participants contributed enthusiastically to the discussions and statements presented during the workshop provided the leaders of Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment. The Office of the Government gave valuable perspectives based on practical experience in the provinces. The GIZ programme team is following up the results from the meetings and is preparing a policy statement of seven key issues and recommendations which will be presented to the leadership of the Ministry of Construction.



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