Training Needs Assessment and Assessment of Sewer System in Son La City

Created on 09 October 2012 Print Email

WMP has finalised a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and technical assessment of the sewer system in Son La, in order to prepare future capacity building activities in Son La URENCO. The objectives were

• to understand the technical features and specific challenges of the drainage and sewerage system in Son La City
• to get an overview on the company's machineries and tools for O&M works
• to evaluate the levels of education and technical skills with regards to O&M
• understand the current level of environmental awareness among URENCO staff
• understand the current level of technical and administrative skills with regards to wastewater management
• carry out a self-assessment of the company's strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis)
• define a list of required trainings (based on the technical assessment of the sewer system)
• elaborate a roadmap / schedule for training courses, taking estimated dates of finished construction works of the KfW component into account.

Pic Son La TNA1


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