Bac Ninh Authorities and WMP Discussing the Way Forward To Improved Sanitation in Viem Xa Village

Created on 17 October 2012 Print Email

IMG 0816klOn October 12, 2012, representatives of the People's Committee of Viem Xa Village (Bac Ninh City) and the WMP discussed the next steps towards improved sanitation. After the successful construction and operation of a decentralized waste water treatment plant as well as construction of house connections, additional components will be implemented:

  1. Long-term employment of a local sanitation team, paid by the house owners connected to the sewers system
  2. Construction of an interceptor, and hence finalisation of the separate sewer system
  3. Design of a sludge treatment station (dewatering & composting), treating sludge from the house connection boxes, the sewer system, the treatment plant and the pumping station.

All activities will be accompanied by capacity building activities, and are due for completion in the first quarter of 2013.

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