Performance Monitoring of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant Reveals Excellent Treatment Results

Created on 22 October 2012 Print Email

DWTP BacNinhThe decentralised wastewater treatment plant in Viem Xa Village, Bac Ninh City, operated by the WMP and its local partners has been monitored for several months now. Excellent results for the removal of organic wastewater components were achieved. The plant features an anaerobic baffled reactor plus anaerobic filter, followed by an aerated pond.

Although the incoming waste water is highly polluted by effluents from keeping of livestock and biogas digesters, the plant's performance is very good on BOD5, COD and TSS treatment (removing 90 % of BOD5 , 95 % of COD, and 93 % of TSS on average).

This result again confirms the suitability of small-scale, decentralised on-site treatment systems for even problematic wastewater, provided community involvement and professional operation is ensured.



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