Research team on the economic benefits of investment in wastewater and drainage

Created on 21 November 2012 Print Email

Economic benefits research into construction works and O&M efficiency of wastewater and drainage management in the nine provinces started in October. The team has developed a list of information needs they require from provincial departments and service companies for the analysis. Most provinces have nominated three officials from departments and the company to assist the research team. The participation of these officials is critical for the success of the research. The research team will visit Hoa Binh on the 25th October to discuss the list of information needs and collect statistics. The information will be used to draft a report outlining findings and include an executive summary so leaders can easily access the key messages. The research team will carry out the following process:

Step 1: Determine the scope of the research

Step 2: Define the assumptions for the research

Step 3: Calculate costs for (a) construction and (b) the cost of operation and maintenance (technical project management and organizational operation of choice (according to the above assumptions) for grade 5 towns to provincial capital cities in nine provinces

Step 4: Calculate the economic benefits from the investments in  grade 5 towns to provincial capital cities

Step 5: Benefit/cost and sensitivity analyses

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