Upscaling-study on Decentralized Wastewater Management in Vinh City

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WMP promotes the concept of combining centralized and decentralized wastewater management (DWWM) as a suitable solution for effective, cost-efficient and technically feasible wastewater treatment in Vietnamese cities.

Vinh1To this end, three DWWM demonstration projects have been implemented with WMP’s support in three programme cities, a wet-market in central Can Tho, a village in the outskirts of Bac Ninh and a school in Vinh. All three plants make use of anaerobic baffled reactors in combination with either an aerated pond, a constructed wetland or an anaerobic filter. These “low-tech” solutions are characterized by low energy consumption and relatively low O&M requirements.

As a next step, upscaling the DWWT concepts successfully applied in the three demonstration plants is one of the objectives of WMPs efforts. For this purpose, a first comprehensive study on upscaling the DWWM concept to other locations in Vinh city has been finalized in January 2013. The upscaling-study was implemented by a WMP team of experts in close cooperation with a local consulting firm and the wastewater service provider of Vinh city, INFRAVI. In line with the approach of decentralized treatment but centralized operation and maintenance (O&M), WMP promotes the idea that the local wastewater service providers take over O&M responsibilities not only for the centralized wastewater and drainage systems but also the small-scale DWWT plants in their respective cities and/or provinces.Vinh2

On January 22, 2013, WMP together with its local partners presented the upscaling-study to local authorities in a workshop in Vinh City. Present at the meeting were representatives from the Ministry of Construction, the City People’s Committee the Provincial Departments of Construction and Natural Resources and Environment as well as related leaders from Wards that took part in the study.

As WMP can only provide concepts and technical expertise for the upscaling of DWWM, the task ahead is to seek and lobby for financial resources (either from local funds or international donors) to implement the identified DWWT projects in Vinh.

The study can be downloaded from this website.

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