“Environmental education campaign” for raising awareness and changing behaviour

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Information – Education – Communication (IEC) is an important focal point of the WMP’s activities. Our IEC activities are aimed at raising awareness and changing wastewater-related behaviour of beneficiary communities. A further purpose is the improvement of people’s willingness to accept and pay wastewater tariffs in the project area. School students are considered important stakeholders in communication activities related to environment. In 2012, the WMP cooperated with Soc Trang Department of Education and Training (DoET) and Po Thi Secondary School to implement an “Education Campaign” for students on environmental sanitation issues, especially wastewater. The campaign was conducted and implemented by the school’s teachers who were trained by WMP experts and delivered classes on environmental issues during the second half of 2012. Activities of the campaign included:

 -      Training 40 teachers in Po Thi secondary school on environmental sanitation issues, clean water and wastewater, as well as active teaching methods. The action plan agreed during the training included four classes on environment and additional activities such as an environment quiz or creative fashion and painting competitions.

-       Implementing the classes on environmental sanitation for students of grades 6, 7 and 8. Besides providing guidance on environmental sanitation lessons, the project also provided communication materials for teachers such as coloured books, picture sheets, brochures on environmental sanitation and wastewater. The students participated very actively and enjoyed the applied teaching methods such as group discussions, presentations, brainstorming or case studies.

-       Organizing an “Environment Day” for around 800 students in the school, including the following activities: quiz competition on environment; creative fashion competition, painting competition with the theme of “Clean water and the environment around you”.

The “Education Campaign” generated positive impacts on the students of Po Thi secondary school. Future efforts will focus on the communication of the campaign to other schools in the city and the multiplication at other locations, aiming for positive contributions to environmental protection in the province.  

Photos of the Environment Day in Po Thi school are available on our photo gallery. 

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