WMP launches a series of Technical Papers

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The WMP team is currently preparing a series of technical papers in order to support the drafting of the new decree on wastewater and sewerage management in Vietnam. These provide policy-makers with clear and concise evidence regarding the key issues to be included in the new decree, which will replace Decree 88 and will provide readers with insight into the work of the WMP. The papers are based not only on the extensive practical experience the WMP team has been able to gather from its work, but also on consultations held at national and local levels with different stake-holders.

technical paper_picThe series of papers follow a logical sequence, the first of the technical papers deals with Provincial Orientation Planning Papers. This publication summarizes lessons learnt from pilot work conducted in the nine programme provinces but also draws on international best practices. It showcases that the preparation of provincial orientation plans is a critical activity in the process to establish an effective regulatory framework for the practical and sustainable development of wastewater and sewerage management for urban and industrial zones. The second paper concentrates on the issue of Norms for Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Systems in Vietnam. It highlights why the establishment of norms is a practical step in the transition to performance based planning and management in the wastewater management sector.

Consultations are currently still on-going to determine additional priority topics and the order the technical papers should be produced in. All papers will be published both in Vietnamese and English and will be available on the WMP website and as hard copies.

The first two papers in the series are already available online and can be accessed following this link. WMP will provide regular updates on new technical papers as soon as these are ready for publication.

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