WMP Technical Papers yield first successful results

Created on 02 April 2013 Print Email

The series of technical papers WMP recently launched have already brought about first successful results. The WMP team is preparing these papers based on the practical experience gained through its work and also on consultations held with different stake-holders at national and local levels. The goal of these papers is that policy-makers can be provided with very clear and concise evidence about key issues to be included in a new decree which will replace the current Decree 88/2007 on wastewater management in urban areas and industrial zones.

Based on the first technical papers already published, WMP is directly supporting the drafting of the revised decree. These papers have persuaded the Vice-Minister of Construction to find a solution regarding problems with norms for operation and maintenance of wastewater systems and issues concerning the wastewater tariff. Furthermore the Vice-Minister is now supporting the application of a polluter pays principle, as is recommended in the Technical Papers by WMP.

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