The National Wastewater Company Neighbourhood Workshop

Created on 11 April 2013 Print Email

In April 2012, WMP organised a series of workshops with partner companies in order to introduce the model of wastewater company neighbourhoods (WWCN). This model, which has been practiced in Germany for 40 years is based on the idea of sharing knowledge on an operational and managerial level in order to improve the performance of wastewater companies and to share cost benefits. IMG 0222

The participating companies showed a great interest in creating a WWCN network. Therefore the WMP together with the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) organized a national workshop in March 2013 for the management and technical staff of 21 companies from around the country. The aim of the workshop was to define the Vietnamese neighbourhood structure and their future organization. The workshop also included the demonstration of a neighbourhood‘s meeting focusing on the operation and maintenance (O&M) of wastewater treatment plants and their common O&M problems. 

The participants found the neighbourhood model very useful and beneficial, and contributed much to the definition of its organisational structure and the managerial role of VWSA. They also enjoyed the topics of the ‘first meeting’ and discussed them with great enthusiasm.

It is expected that as a follow up activity to the Workshop, three neighbourhoods (Northern, Central and Southern) will be created in the future under the organisation and the co-ordination of the VWSA. These neighbourhoods will help promote knowledge exchange and the co-operation among neighbouring wastewater companies.

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