Policy makers met with stakehoders on the draft decree in replacement of the Decree No. 88/2007/ND-CP on drainage and sewerage in urban areas and industrial zones (Decree 88)

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Cao Lai Quang D88Mr. Cao Lai QuangOn 3 July, 2013, the Ministry of Construction and GIZ jointly organized the National Consultation Workshop on the Draft decree in replacement of the Decree No. 88 under the framework of WMP. The workshop attracted the participation of 120 representatives from relevant ministries and agencies (MoNRE, MoF, MoST, MPI, MoJ, MARD), PPCs, CPCs, DoNRE, DoF, professionial organizations, universities, industrial and export-processing zone management units, wastewater service providers. The workshop was chaired by the Vice Minister of Construction Cao Lai Quang.

This is the third workshop after the two consultation workshops in 2012 on the draft amendments to the Decree No. 88. This time, the workshop aimed at collection of ideas from stakeholders on the new Decree on Drainage, Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment to replace Decree 88 which will be finalized and submitted to the Government of Vietnam for promulgation in the end of this year.

The draft decree is comprised of 8 chapters and 66 articles: 25 articles in Decree 88 remains the same, 26 were revised and there are 20 additional articles:

Chapter I:        General regulations

Chapter II:      Drainage and Sewerage Planning

Chapter III:      Investment in Drainage and Sewerage Development

Chapter IV:      Operation and Maintenance of Drainage and Sewerage System

Chapter V:       Connections to Drainage and Sewerage System

Chapter VI:      Service price and service fee for drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment

Chapter VII:     State management responsibilities

Chapter VIII:    Implementation

Some of the significant amendments and additional contents are:

-          Title and scope of the Decree: the Decree not only covers urban areas and industrial zones but also rural residential areas and trade villages

-          Types of planning and subjects for planning

-          Investment in construction of drainage and sewerage system: preferential policies and mechanisms, connection and selection of technology

-          Owner of the asset: PPC and PPC can delegate ownership to municipal governments in case they are capable.

-          Service price and service fee for drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment: to differentiate itself with environmental protection fee for wastewater

-          Collection and transportation of sludge

-          Management of treated wastewater

-          Rainwater reuse

-          Local regulations on drainage and sewerage

The participants express their consensus and appreciation to the innovative points in the draft decree to enable drainage and sewerage activities to meet the requirements and come closer to the international trend and practices. They also contributed a lot of quality and relevant comments. In regards of wastewater tariffs, many participants proposed that it should be called drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment service price to enable full cost recovery for the operators and ensure service standards for the citizens.

The Vice Minister Cao Lai Quang acknowledged the effective support and company of GIZ to MoC over the past years in reviewing, amending and developing the decree in replacement of Decree 88. He thanked all participants for their active contribution and requested the Compilation Group to take all the comments and suggestions into consideration during finalization of the decree.


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