Stakeholders and Professionals Discussed on Technical Parameters for Influents

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On 25 July, 2013, the Administration of Technical Infrastructure (ATI), Ministry of Construction (MoC) in collaboration with GIZ conducted the Workshop on Determination of Technical Parameters for Influents into Urban Drainage and Sewerage Systems. The workshop was chaired by Mr. Nguyen Hong Tien – ATI General Director.Anh C

The workshop brought together more than 30 representatives from various administrations and departments under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Departments of Science and Technology, Construction, Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, academies, international organizations such as ADB, JICA.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hong Tien, the Decree No. 88/2007/ND–CP dated 28 May, 2007 on Drainage and Sewerage in Urban Areas and Industrial Zones stated that the Ministry of Construction shall issue regulations/standards for influents into urban drainage and sewerage system. After 6 years since the Decree was in place, this year, ATI was assigned by MoC to develop national regulations/standards for influents discharged into urban drainage and sewerage systems for MoC’s approval.

The regulations/standards, once they are approved and put into implementation, will contribute to: (1) protect the sewer network, equipment and facilities for drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment; (2) ensure treatment efficiency and sustainable operation of the wastewater treatment plants; (3) meet the effluent quality after treatment to be discharged into the environment; (4) enable setting up database for rehabilitation, upgrading and expansion of the drainage and sewerage system.

The participants had efficient discussion, shared viewpoints, and contributed valuable comments & recommendations from various perspectives. The compilation group will take these comments in consideration and conduct further study in order to develop regulations with proper group of parameters and values which are feasible for implementation.

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