Study tour to Germany

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Study tour May 2013International study tours are considered as an integral and important part of development project implementation. They serve multifold objectives exceeding the sole ‘learn-effect’ of visiting institutions and facilities in the sector of another, more developed country. With the objective of improving political commitments on initiating long-needed institutional changes at local level, WMP organized an international study tour for key officials and wastewater service company representatives to selected cities and institutions in Germany in May 2013. Twelve delegates, including a provincial party secretary, provincial and city chairmen and other high ranking political decision makers from Hoa Binh, Son La and Lang Son, were accompanied by WMP project managers to visit a hand-picked selection of institutions, organisations and associations in and around the cities of Frankfurt, Berlin, Potsdam, Vielank and Hamburg. During meetings and site-visits, participants gained insights into topics, such as sector regulation, local organisation of wastewater services, management contracts, wastewater tariff systems, service contracts, wastewater treatment technologies, on-site wastewater treatment solutions, innovative submerged rain water detention solutions, technology for the O&M of sewer systems and gravel-filled drain trenches for urban on-site rain water drainage.

The German host institutions were thoroughly briefed prior to the tour and were therewith able to address those topics which are currently being discussed as hot key issues for the development of the wastewater sector in Vietnam. The proper preparation, the exceeding hospitality and the right selection of participants and target locations made the study tour a great success.

The lessons learned in Germany will be followed-up in the work of programme components 2 and 3 with provincial governments and service companies and will certainly have a remarkable impact on the atmosphere of cooperation and the efficiency and effectiveness of WMP results.

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