Information Workshop on Tariff Introduction in Bac Ninh

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IMG 1152Among the nine provinces participating in the WMP, Bac Ninh is the second province (after Soc Trang) which is going to realize the collection of a wastewater tariff in the provincial capital.

Aiming to support local authorities and citizens in understanding the ratio, the legal basis, the way of calculation and the necessity of the wastewater tariff, Bac Ninh Water Supply and Sewerage Company (BNWSSC) organized a community information workshop on “Rights and Obligations of the Community in Local Wastewater Management” on July 19th 2013. The workshop implementation was supported by advisors of component three of WMP.

The over 90 participants of the workshop included representatives from leading authorities of province and city, such as Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Environmental Police, Urban Management Office, representatives of mass organizations, Ward People Committees, volunteer collaborators of BNWSSC and heads of residential units/ communities/villages. The local press attended to broadcast news on the event on local TV and in other local media.

The heads of residential units/communities/villages were the key target group of the workshop. They are the designated collaborators of BNWSSC to implement communication campaigns aimed at raising public awareness and knowledge on tariff introduction, increasing willingness-to-pay, and disseminating information on rights and obligations of citizens and the service utility.

The wastewater tariff in Bac Ninh was ratified by the Provincial People’s Council and stipulated by the Provincial People’s Committee in Decision 49/2012/QĐ-UBND dated August 1st 2012. The decision determines the following details:

-          Subject for tariff collection:

  1. For dischargers dwelling in wards of Bac Ninh city: all dischargers, regardless of water supply connection or not, have to pay the wastewater tariff.
  2. For dischargers dwelling in communes within the administrative city boundaries: all dischargers having a water supply connection have to pay the wastewater tariff; dischargers without water supply connection continue to pay environmental protection fees for wastewater (acc. to Decree 67/2003/ND-CP).

-          Households who pay wastewater tariffs do not have to pay environmental protection fees for wastewater anymore.

-          Tariff structure and level:

  • Households:                             1500 VND/m³ clean water
  • Government agencies:           1500 VND/m³ clean water
  • Service, business:                   2300 VND/m³ clean water
  • Production facilities:                3000 VND/m³ clean water


-          Roadmap to full cost recovery:

  • The tariff as approved in the PPC decision 49/2012/QD-UBND was originally foreseen to be collected starting October 1st, 2012. However, due to delays in the start of operation of new wastewater treatment facilities, the tariff collection was postponed until August 1st, 2013.
  • Period #1: August 1st 2013 – December 31st, 2014: Tariff as above covers 50% of O&M costs (NOT including any depreciation costs);
  • Period #2: 2015 – 2017: Tariff shall be increased to cover 70% of O&M costs including depreciation of short-living mobile assets;
  • Period #3: starting 2018: Tariff shall be increased to cover 100% of O&M costs including depreciation of all assets (including civil works).

In order to enhance the efficiency of communication activities, WMP provided BNWSSC with useful information material such as leaflets on tariff introduction, question and answer books on frequently asked questions with regards to rights and obligations which were distributed to workshop participants and shall further be circulated to households in the city.

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