Meeting with Vice-Minister Mr. Cao Lai Quang on the Revision of Decree 88

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On the 12 September 2013, Hanns-Bernd Kuchta, the Chief Technical Advisor of the GIZ Wastewater Management Programme, Tim McGrath, leader of Component Two and Tran Thi Thanh Thuy from Component One met with Vice-minister Cao Lai Quang to share and discuss a policy statement prepared by the GIZ team outlining critical issues for inclusion in the new decree to replace Decree 88. This policy statement follows on from the policy statement presented to the vice-minister in September 2012. Based on consultations at national level and the nine programme provinces, six key issues were identified, which include:

  1. The need for a tariff framework for different types of polluters in the drainage/sewerage service in urban areas, industrial zones and handicraft villages that enables utilities to operate the wastewater systems sustainably
  2. A mechanism is needed to collect drainage/sewerage user tariff from urban households, industrial zones and handicraft villages
  3. The need for cost norms for the O&M of wastewater and sewerage treatment systems issued by MoC and instruction for provinces to adjust their cost norms for O&M according to local conditions
  4. The need for technical specifications to which the elements of drainage/sewerage system should be operated and maintained
  5. Clear direction on the organizational model for the O&M of the wastewater and drainage system is needed to ensure effective and efficient management
  6. Details about master planning for wastewater management and treatment are covered in other legal document and should not be duplicated in the new decree.

Mr. Quang was appreciative of the efforts of the GIZ team and was supportive of the significant effort in the nine programme provinces to establish a regulatory framework for the sustainable development of the wastewater and sewerage sector. The vice-minister said that the preparation of a tariff roadmap according to socio-economic conditions in each province was crucial for this development. The new decree will also focus on urban clusters in rural communities and ensuring that this issue was well represented in the new decree was a priority vice-minister Quang said.

During the discussion, the vice-minister indicated that meetings with the central government to finalise the new decree would begin in October. The GIZ team also presented to the vice-minister the plan to carry out policy dialogue consultations starting later this year where the vice-minister would chair half day roundtable discussions on key issues affecting the sector, for example technical specifications and strategic planning. The vice-minister agreed with this proposal.


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