Consultations in the nine provinces

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From the 19th August to the 3rd September, the Component Two team visited the nine provinces in the GIZ programme. In provinces that had not yet approved the provincial orientation plans for wastewater and drainage, the team met with DoC to discuss the steps for the completion of the orientation plan and PPC approval. In the nine provinces, DoC presented draft provincial regulation for wastewater and drainage, and this draft accorded with the outline for the regulation prepared by the Component Two team. The nine provinces will continue to improve the draft regulations but final editing will need to wait until the GoV issues the new decree to replace Decree 88.

The Component Two team meet with DoF to discuss next steps in the drafting process for the provincial tariff roadmap for the O&M of urban wastewater and drainage. The nine DoFs were using the draft outline for the roadmap prepared by the Component Two team. An important part of drafting the roadmap is to determine the technical specifications and status of the existing wastewater and drainage system in urban centres and develop the relevant cost norms for this system so that the overall cost of O&M can be calculated. Once the overall cost is calculated, figures become available to calculate a practical cost sharing arrangement between the state and service users for the sustainable O&M of the systems. O&M cost recovery is the future target.

In consultation with DoC, DoF, CPC and the service company, the Component Two will organise roundtable discussions in each province to establish technical specifications and cost norms for the O&M of wastewater and drainage systems according to local conditions. The basis of this work will be the national policy/legal framework and existing regulations issued by the PPC. There are significant gaps in this framework. The expectation is that the experiences and lessons learnt of the Component Two team combined with existing cost norms and technical specifications and with information and experiences from stakeholders including DoF, DoC, CPCs and the service company, then an overall cost for the O&M of an urban wastewater and drainage system will be calculated. The Component two team will support provincial stakeholders and facilitate the process for the overall cost calculation for the provincial capital city and one district town. Based on this process, it is expected that provincial stakeholders would have the capacity to calculate overall costs for the remaining urban centres in the province. From the aggregate of the overall costs, DoF will draft the provincial tariff roadmap and use the results for the preparation of the management contract between the asset owner and the service company. Presently, DoF in the nine provinces is collecting data and information about the existing wastewater and drainage system in the provincial capital city and district towns. The Component Two plans to send two days in each province to facilitate the process.


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