WMP welcomes new Deputy Team Leader of Component 3

Created on 07 October 2013 Print Email

WMP is happy to announce the commencement of duty of its new Deputy Team Leader and international long-term Expert for Technical Wastewater Management. Mr Jens Goetzenberger joined the advisory team of Component 3 beginning of October 2013 to support the Chief Technical Advisor with administrative and technical project management as well as to support WMP and its partners in the various fields of technical cooperation and know-how transfer.

Mr Goetzenberger previously worked within the scope of the Indo-German Development Cooperation as advisor for decentralised wastewater management, before he joined GFA Consulting Group as Consultant and Project Manager of Water Supply and Sanitation Projects worldwide, including projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Supporting the cooperation with nine programme provinces, Jens will follow-up on the Component’s efforts in promoting and implementing decentralised wastewater management approaches in Vietnam. This comprises the implementation of two further decentralised wastewater treatment demonstration projects in up to two programme provinces. The Component supports local authorities and wastewater operators in designing, planning, constructing, commissioning and operating low-cost and close-to-nature wastewater treatment systems, which will serve to improve living conditions, reduce pollution and showcase new technological approaches to wastewater treatment suitable for Vietnam.

Besides the construction of demonstration plants, Jens will support WMPs efforts to up-scale the decentralised wastewater management approach by developing concepts in the form of (pre-) feasibility studies in areas where demonstration units were implemented by WMP in the past.

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