Can Tho and Son La approve provincial orientation plans

Created on 28 November 2013

The GIZ team would like to congratulate Can Tho City and Son La province on the approval of the provincial orientation plan. The Can Tho PPC issued Decision 3674 approving the City Orientation and Development Plan for Wastewater and Drainage for Urban Centres and Industrial Zones to 2030. The Son La PPC issued Decision 2611 on the 8th November, 2013 to formalise the Provincial Orientation and Development Plan for the Collection and Treatment of Wastewater and Drainage for Urban Areas, Industrial Zones and Hospitals in Son La Province to 2020 and the Vision to 2030. The orientation plans outline the consensus of the PPC and leaders and officials of relevant departments and agencies on the vision for the development of the wastewater and drainage management in three key areas: institutional/organisation arrangements, financial and tariff issues and technology aspects. The GIZ team strongly encourages the remaining four provinces to finalise their provincial orientation plans as soon as possible.