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On the 17th October, the GIZ team participated in the international workshop, “ASEAN Water Forum – Promotion for Sustainable Investment” implemented by the South East Asian Water Utilities Network (SEAWUN) and sponsored by MoC and VWSA. The workshop was held in HCMC and the objective was to share experiences and lessons learnt in three key areas:

  1. National strategies, policy mechanisms and programmes assisting ASEAN water and wastewater sector development
  2. Effective operation management models
  3. Investment opportunities in the water and wastewater sector in Vietnam and the region.

The GIZ team presented the paper, “Financial proposals for the effective O&M of sewerage treatment systems in Vietnam”. Lessons learnt from Vietnam’s wastewater treatment investment projects included:

Avoid over design of the capacity of the wastewater network, pumping station and wastewater treatment facilities by:

  • Review and update national norms and standards, for planning, design of the wastewater system
  • Construct the complete wastewater system from A to Z; don’t cut elements of the system whenever investment funds are limited, for example the tertiary network
  • Tertiary sewers and house connection is a crucial element of the wastewater system, and requires particular attention during the planning phase
  • Select appropriate wastewater and sludge treatment technologies
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment plant options should be a priority

In conclusion, the GIZ team emphasized that it is too late to talk about effective financing O&M after the facilities have been constructed.


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