The GIZ Team Comments of the Revised Cost Norms

Created on 28 November 2013 Print Email

In early 2013, the GIZ team advised MoC that there were significant problems in the provinces because of the outdated cost norms for O&M and redundant technical standards/specification. As a result, Vice-Minister Cao Lai Quang instructed the Economics Institute in the ministry to revise the cost norms for the O&M of wastewater and drainage systems. In early October 2013, the Institute issued its second draft of the cost norms. The GIZ team contributed these comments:

  1. There are very few changes to the structure and content of the draftnorms compared to the cost norms issued in 2008. Present changes are focused on increasing in some of the original cost norms.
  2. Cost norms for many elements of the wastewater system are not indicated in the draft cost norms, for example, pump stations, WWTP, and regulatory lakes.
  3. This draft of the cost norms continues to support the utilisation of the work order and not support the use of the management contract.
  4. The draft cost norms do not provide a basis for the tendering process for O&M work
  5. This draft cost norms will not help the implementation of the new decree.
  6. A new set of cost norms for O&M is really the answer.


In collaboration with ATI, the GIZ team prepared a letter to Vice-Minister Cao Lai Quang on renovating cost norms and technical standards/specifications for the O&M of wastewater and drainage systems.  

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