Policy Roundtable Papers to Support the Implementation of the New Decree to Replace Decree 88

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After consultation with Vice-Minister Cao Lai Quang and ATI, the GIZ team is preparing a series of policy roundtable papers to support the implementation of the new decree on wastewater and drainage management in urban areas, industrial zones, handicraft villages and residential clusters in rural areas. The intension of the policy dialogue reports is to help facilitate the discourse on critical issues for the establishment of an enabling environment for the implementation of the new decree at provincial level. The papers provide policy-makers clear and concise evidence on selected issues based on extensive consultations at national and local levels and the practical experience of the GIZ team.

The policy roundtable papers are prepared in a logical sequence and follow on from the first series of technical papers to support the drafting of the new decree to replace Decree 88. The Paper on Norms of Labour, Machinery, Energy, Chemicals and other required Consumption Items (cost norms) for the Operations and Maintenance of Wastewater Systems was the first in the series. The second policy dialogue paper was Technical Standards/Specifications for the Operations and Maintenance of Wastewater Systems. ATI and GIZ will organise a policy dialogue roundtable and invite key stakeholders from national and provincial levels. The GIZ team will make presentations to inform participants and encourage discussion. Vice-Minister Cao Lai Quang agreed to chair the half-day roundtables.

The Papers are available under programme publications.

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