“Open day” – Students from secondary schools in Bac Ninh city visit the Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The German government financed centralized wastewater treatment plant in Bac Ninh has been put into operation in July 2013. Simultaneously a wastewater tariff has been applied for households in the city to partly cover related operational costs. Since the GIZ-funded "Wastewater and Solid Waste Management in Provincial Centers Program" (WMP) commenced in Bac Ninh in 2005, the Bac Ninh Water Supply and Sewerage Limited Company (WSSC) in collaboration with WMP have implemented various media campaigns to raise awareness about issues related to wastewater management and related required wastewater fees. The communication activities that were held since then in Bac Ninh are diverse and highly effective. Some of the frequently repeated activities among the various media campaigns are "Open days" to enable the population to visit their water supply factory and wastewater treatment plant. These open days have attracted a lot of attention of students as well as people in the community.

Continuing with the annual communication activities, Bac Ninh WSSC held an "Open day" for students from some secondary schools in Bac Ninh city to visit the wastewater treatment plant on 20/3/2014. This activity aims to propagate the necessity of wastewater management in general and to showcase wastewater treatment processes in centralized plants in particular. Approximately 300 students and teachers from five secondary schools in BN participated in this event. At the wastewater treatment plant they were introduced in details of the procedures for collection and treatment of wastewater in the city.

After visiting the treatment plant the students participated in a quiz with questions to test their knowledge acquired from the excursion. At the end of the tour both teachers and students expressed their desire that Bac Ninh WSSC shall hold more of such events for teachers and students from all schools, as well as for residents in Bac Ninh City in order to showcase directly the wastewater treatment process and thereby improve the participants awareness, as well as change their attitudes and behavior towards the preservation and protection of water resources.

Recognizing the effectiveness of the implementation of such communication campaigns, WSSC has put this activity into their annual operating plan. This will help the company in promoting their activities, improving the quality of their services, as well as enhancing the good relationship with the community, ensuring strong and comprehensive growth of the company.

20140320 Bac Ninh Open Day for students 2

20140320 Bac Ninh Open Day for students 1

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