Political leaders and companies discuss implementation of provincial orientation plans at workshop in Cần Thơ

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On the 8th and 9th May 2014, the GIZ supported Waste Management Programme (WMP) carried out a national workshop in Cần Thơ. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Nguyễn Hồng Tiến, Director General of the Administration of Technical Infrastucture (ATI) in the Ministry of Construction (MoC) and Mr. Hanns-Bernd Kuchta, programme manager of GIZ, who jointly work on the WMP. The eighty participants included officials from MoC and MoF, PPC and CPC leaders, department leaders and officials from DoC, DoF, DPI and directors and staff of water and wastewater service companies. A representative from VWSA and the leadership team of WMP and the Flood-Proofing and Drainage Programme for Central Coast Cities attended the workshop. The objectives of the workshop included:

  • Sharing lessons learnt and experiences during drafting the provincial orientation plan for drainage and sewerage in urban areas, industrial zones and craft villages, and PPC approval of the provincial orientation plan.
  • Presentation of analysis of institutional, financial and technical aspects of the PPC approved provincial orientation plans
  • Discuss detailed action plans to carry out the orientation plan for 2015 and 2016 and inclusion in the government’s annual planning and budgeting cycle
  • Share information and discuss combining decentralized wastewater treatment systems and centralised wastewater treatment systems in urban areas.
  • Share experiences and discussion on experiences, challenges and solutions establishing a drainage/sewerage service tariff and tariff roadmap for tariff increase
  • Share information and experiences accessing ODA water and drainage programmes in Vietnam

 Participants also visited the two sites in Cần Thơ where the WMP team is cooperating with Cần Thơ leaders and officials to carry out pilot demonstration activities that promote decentralised wastewater management systems. The workshop was a good opportunity for leaders and officials from the nine provinces in WMP to come together and share experiences, challenges and solutions. It was also a chance for leaders and officials from the GIZ supported Flood-Proofing and Drainage Programme for Central Coast Cities to meet and learn from WMP. This is a newly started programme with five provinces participating.

14050809WS Can Tho Dr Tien speech

 Dr. Nguyễn Hồng Tiến,  Director General of ATI (MoC), shares his views on the implementation of the provincial orientation plans.

14050809WS Can Tho - Ms Can Tho speech

Nguyen Minh Hoang, Cần Thơ DoC presents lessons learned about the drafting of the provincial orientation plan for drainage and sewerage in the urban area of Cần Thơ Province.

14050809WS Can Tho GIZ

GIZ representatives listen attentively as participants discuss their experiences, challenges (from right to left: Dr. Tim McGrath, Hanns-Bernd Kuchta, Christian Henschel, Sebastian Malter and Eva Hübner).

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