The Government of Vietnam approved the Decree No. 80/2014/ND-CP on drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment

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To improve the efficiency of management of drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment in urban areas, industrial parks and rural residential areas as well as sustainable use of water resources in Vietnam, on 6 August, 2014, the Government of Vietnam promulgated the Decree No. 80/2014/ND-CP (Decree 80). This Decree will enter into force since 1 January, 2015 and replace the Decree No. 88/2007/ND-CP on drainage and sewerage in urban areas and industrial zones.

The Decree 80 has 7 chapters and 49 articles. It sets forth a number of important principles such as: drainage and sewerage in urban areas and rural residential centers is a public service; polluters pay and the income from providing services is to ensure gradual sufficiency towards full cost recovery; drainage and sewerage systems shall be comprehensively developed and maintained; stormwater and wastewater shall be collected; wastewater shall be treated to meet the prescribed standards; hazardous wastewater shall be managed according to regulations on hazardous waste management and other relevant regulations; the community shall be mobilized to take a part in investment, operation and maintenance of the systems…

  • Connections: all households in the area with available stormwater and wastewater collection sewer networks shall be connected to the drainage and sewerage system. 
  • Payment for wastewater services: The users shall have to pay for wastewater services (per m3 of wastewater generated) based on the actual costs of the services and not on the percentage of water supply bill as in the past. Those who pay for wastewater service shall not have to pay environment protection fee. The income from drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment services is to ensure gradual sufficiency towards full cost recovery. 
  • Wastewater service price: The Decree 80 introduces price for drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment services (wastewater price) which comprises all the production costs and a reasonable profit per one cubic meter (1m3) of wastewater for the fulfilment of the tasks of drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment. The wastewater service price shall be closely linked to service quality without any differentiation of subjects for application among Vietnamese and foreign individuals and organizations. In case the wastewater service price decided by the provincial people’s committee is lower than the actual costs, the PPC shall compensate from local budget to ensure the legal rights and benefits of the drainage and sewerage entity. This regulation has paved the way for the wastewater service providers to have autonomy in its operation and financial viability towards sustainable development.  
  • Operation and Management Contract: O & M contract shall be signed between the owner of the drainage and sewerage system (PPC or people’s committees of districts and communes as decentralized) and the assigned operation and management entity. The contract will clearly elaborate rights and obligations of each party, scope of work, service standards, contract value, mode of payment…MoC shall develop the template for the contract. 
  • Standards for discharges: wastewater from the systems in urban areas, industrial parks and rural residential areas which is discharged into the water receiving bodies shall meet the environmental technical standards stipulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Wastewater discharged by dischargers and industrial parks into the urban drainage systems shall meet the standards for wastewater discharges into drainage systems stipulated by the Ministry of Construction; Wastewater discharged from urban drainage systems, industrial parks and rural residential areas into irrigational systems shall meet the standards for discharges into irrigational systems issued the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development... 
  • Preferential policies in investment: drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment projects for urban areas and rural residential areas invested by organizations and individuals are entitled with preferential treatment on land-use and land-lease fees, construction of technical infrastructure beyond the fence by the local budget funds and other preferences and incentives as stipulated in current effective regulations. 
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment: the option of decentralized wastewater treatment shall be applied for the residential areas, new urban areas, households, business and services establishments, small industry and handicraft production units, handicraft villages, markets, schools, resorts or other areas that are unable to be or have not been connected to the centralized drainage and sewerage systems due to limited conditions of land and topography. The Ministry of Construction shall provide guidelines on the management of decentralized wastewater treatment. 

The Decree further provides criteria for selection of wastewater treatment technology, operation and maintenance of drainage and sewerage systems, responsibilities of state management agencies in drainage, sewerage and wastewater treatment, key contents of local regulations developed by the PPCs, connection regulations, drainage and sewerage planning, management of elements of drainage and sewerage system, reuse of stormwater, sludge management…

The full version of the Decree 80 can be downloaded here.

For nearly three years, GIZ has been a strong supporter of MoC in the process of amending the Decree 88/2007/ND-CP and then leading to the development of the new Decree 80/2014/ND-CP to replace the former one. This support covers, among others, a wide range of in-depth consultation with stakeholders at all levels, provision of evidence-based advice, feedback and inputs. As a next step, MoC is working with GIZ in organizing workshops for stakeholders in introduction of contents of the Decree. A Circular guiding the implementation of the Decree is being drafted by MoC under GIZ support as part of the Wastewater Management Programme.

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