MoC and GIZ signed the Implementation Agreement for the Wastewater Management Programme in Vietnam

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In the morning of 1 April, 2016, the Implementation Agreement Signing Ceremony for the Wastewater Management Programme between the Ministry of Construction (MoC) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH took place at the MoC Headquarter. Mrs. Kirsten Hegener – Deputy Country Director of GIZ in Vietnam and Mr. Pham Khanh Toan – Director General of the International Cooperation Department, MoC were authorized to sign the Agreement..

IA signing 1

Mrs. Kirsten Heneger and Mr. Pham Khanh Toan are signing the Agreement


The participation of the Ceremony included: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien – Director General, Administration of Technical Infrastructure (ATI), MoC, Dr. Dirk Pauschert – GIZ Programme Director, Mr. Cao Lai Quang – Chairman of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA), Former Standing Vice Minister of Construction, leaders and representatives from relevant departments of MoC, MoC Office and GIZ staff and experts. 

In his speech at the Ceremony, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien said that the Wastewater Management Programme had gone through 3 phases from 2005 to 2014. The Phase 4 will be aimed at supporting the MoC, the provincial people’s committees, wastewater management companies and VWSA to carry their tasks in the wastewater sector sustainably. In this regard, the achievements and lessons learned from the three previous phases will be consolidated, institutionalized and scaled up for sustainable development. On this basis, the German Government committed to provide support for the Phase 4 which is also the final phase of the Wastewater Management Programme.  

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien added that the Phase 4 will focus on three fields of activity, namely: improvements of the legal framework for wastewater sector, competence development to meet the demand in both technical and managerial aspects of wastewater sector, knowledge management at national, provincial and company levels. In the phase 4, MoC is the owner of the Project, the ATI, VWSA and the participating provinces are implementing agencies. The duration of the Project is from January, 2015 to December, 2017. 


IA signing 2

The signing ceremony



Speaking at the Ceremony as a representative of GIZ, Mrs. Kirsten Heneger expressed her pleasure to be present and sign the Implementation Agreement of the Wastewater Management Programme Phase 4 after 10 years of fruitful cooperation between GIZ and MoC reflected in the achievements of the previous phases.

Sharing the ideas of Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien, Mrs. Kirsten Heneger mentioned that the objective of the Phase 4 of the Programme is to institutionalize the lessons learned in the previous phases and further strengthen capacity for relevant organizations in wastewater sector of Vietnam. This Project presents and reflects well the multi-level approach of GIZ in implementing programmes and projects in Vietnam and other countries in the world, i.e. national, provincial and company levels in which the experiences and lessons learned from the company and provincial levels are brought up to MoC for institutionalization into legal documents. It also represents the viewpoint of GIZ in creating a cooperation platform for relevant organizations in the sector including professional association and private sector.

At the Ceremony,
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien and Mrs. Kirsten Heneger, representing MoC and GIZ respectively, expressed the wish to further develop and strengthen the cooperation between the two organizations and the their confidence that the Project will fulfil its objectives successfully.


                                                            (By Minh Tuan -  website of the Ministry of Construction)





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