VWSA Successfully Set up a Pool of 24 Wastewater-related Trainers

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From 1 to 5 August, 2016, VWSA and GIZ organized the fourth ToT course entitled “Practical Experiences and Preparation of Manuals and Training Materials on Financing Aspects for Wastewater Sector in Vietnam” as part of the WMP’s training program. The completion of this training marked the successful training of trainer programme of VWSA-GIZ and the pool of wastewater-related trainers has been set up.


The fourth ToT training aimed to introduce new content on the financing and asset management for wastewater sector and provided the participants with an opportunity to report on their own experiences in delivering the 3 pilot training courses. While the ToT 1-3 prepared the participants with didactical tools and with additional knowledge which will enable them to conduct sequence of their own trainings based on the training modules prepared by GFA, the ToT 4 provided the participants the opportunity to reflect their own experiences. In fact, the course helped the participants to identify the successes, strengths as well as deficits and offered practical exercises for overcoming the restraints.


ToT 4 1

                           The participants receiving Certificates after the ToT


Financing wastewater sector presents a complicated but significant topic for training. With three new-written training modules, i.e Module 9: Financial Management, Module 10: Developmnet of an Asset Management and Module 11: Cost Covering Tariffs, financial issues of wastewater sector are intensively analyzed from theory to practice. These training modules plus the module on Corporate Development Plan were selected for the participants to prepare demonstration lessons.

After the training, the participants worked together on an action plan and discussed on preparation for the two upcoming 5-day workshops on financing issues in Vietnam planned in the end of this year. These workshops will further train participants, who are specialists in finance or asest management on the three modules mentioned above. 

 ToT 4 222 dung

   24 trainers taking picture with leadership of VWSA, GIZ, MoC and other guests


The Closing Ceremony was organized by VWSA and GIZ in the end of the ToT 4. Attendance of the Ceremony included Mr. Cao Lai Quang - VWSA Chairman, Dr. Dirk Pauschert – GIZ Programme Director and GIZ representatives, Ms. Mai Lien Huong – Deputy General Director of ATI, MoC, Ms. Tran Thao Huong, Head of Wastewater Management Division of ATI-MoC, resentatives from JICA in Vietnam, other guests and all the participants of the ToT. Ms. Pham Van Lan – WMP Programme Officer in charge of training component, presented a report on the ToT training and its achievements over the past year. A highlight of her report are the sucessful pilot trainings delivered by the participants of the ToT recently.

On behalf of the VWSA, Mr. Cao Lai Quang expressed his sincere thanks to GIZ for the efficient cooperation and strong support to VWSA in the capacity building programme. He conveyed his congratulations to the success of the series of the ToT, to the achievements of the newly-trained trainers and hoped that they would make important contribution to the capacity development of wastewater sector in Vietnam.


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