GIZ helps to protect water – as a source of life – from pollution from households and industries in Vietnam

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This week Dr. Dirk Pauschert from the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) launched the new publication on Resilient Cities in Vietnam - A guide for planning urban environment programs" which has recently been developed by GIZ and the Ministry of Construction.   

Dirk 2 for web

                     Dr. Dirk Pauschert speaking about Urban Resilience at German - Vietnamese Water Forum

Dr. Pauschert is Director of two urban resilience programmes in Vietnam carried out with the Ministry of Construction and the People’s Committees in 13 provinces. He emphasised that in Vietnam, the number and severity of natural disasters has significantly increased, Vietnam is ranked most severely impacted by climate change and in practical terms this is sea level rise, drought, more frequent and serious floods and storms and saltwater intrusion.Rapid urbanization and the pollution of natural resources complicates solutions to these issues.

discussing about urban resilience for web

           Dr. Dirk Pauschert discussing about urban resilience with Mr. Gunther Adler, State Secretary of BMUB 

Dr. Pauschert said that “GIZ is helping to save lives and help people to protect their homes and sources of income from floods in Vietnam”. Presently, GIZ is supporting national and provincial levels in integrated drainage plans adapted to climate change, sustainable drainage systems as part of flood sensitive urban development, early warning systems, flood risk management and climate change activities. “The establishment of the national and provincial policy and regulatory framework for urban resilience is also an important part of GIZ support.”, said Dr. Pauschert.  He noted that GIZ support for urban resilience in Vietnam will continue to 2020 and invited participants to read GIZ - MoC’s new publication.

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