Training course on Calculation of Wastewater Tariffs for Wastewater Management Entities in the Central Region of Vietnam

Created on 28 November 2016

On 17 November, 2016, VWSA organized the two-day-and-a half training course on Calculation of Wastewater Tariffs for Wastewater Management Companies in the Central Region of Vietnam. The training course took place at Da Nang Drainage, Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Company with the support of GIZ through the WMP.

The opening ceremony was attended by representative from Da Nang Drainage, Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Company. Mr. Nguyen Van Tuoi – Deputy Head of the Training Division of VWSA and Mrs. Pham Thi Van Lan – Coordinator of the Training Programme, WMP managed and coordinated the training course.

TC 1

                                                         Participants of the training course

34 people from wastewater operators who are directors, deputy directors, managers, team leaders, technicians, planning and financial staff and others took part in the training. In addition, managers from some departments of finance and construction participated in the course.

The participating organizations were:

-       Departments of Construction of Quang Nam, Da Nang, Thua Thien Hue and Quang Ngai

     -       Department of Finance of Da Nang

     -       Environment and Urban Works Company of Hue and Quang Ngai

    -       Phu Yen Water Supply Company

-       Quang Ngai Investment and Construction Company


-       Da Nang Drainage and Sewerage Company

This is 5th and 6th modules out of 11 training modules that VWSA and GIZ planned for wastewater operators and relevant organizations in Vietnam. It is at the same time, the first course on calculation of wastewater tariffs organized by VWSA and GIZ. Despite of this fact, the course was of great success and efficiency.

The four trainers were Trinh Thi Hong Sam, Tran Quoc Vinh, Nguyen Viet Huong and Diep Nguyen Thinh. They are experienced experts selected by VWSA and GIZ, trained by German experts and certified by VWSA.

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                                                            Participants of the training course

With the new training method and learners centered approach, the participants took a proactive role in each activity of the course. In an open atmosphere, the trainers and trainees explored and discussed on the knowledge, skills and procedures to calculate costs and wastewater tariffs as well as on the practical experiences of the participants’ organizations. The training programme covered the concepts, methods for identification of service costs, calculation and definition of wastewater volume and development of wastewater tariffs with discussion on the roadmap.

After each theoretical session, the trainers guided the participants through exercises and group discussions, sometimes by provinces, that helped mobilizing the active contribution and thinking of the participants. Though the time  of the training course was not long, thanks to the commitments by the organizers, trainers and trainees, the contents of the courses were thoroughly understood by the participants. The tough training topic became an attractive and practical one thanks to the new training approach.

The participants, after the training, had an overview on the method for development of cost recovery tariff, important factors to consider and procedures for calculation of costs of O & M of the system, assessment of affordability of the people, the responsibilities of stakeholders in determining wastewater tariffs. The participants were also equipped with the contents of the regulations issued by the Prime Minister and circulars issued by the Ministry of Construction, e.g. the Circular No. 02/2015/TT-BXD. They were all given certificates of attendance.

TC 3

                                                          Overall assessment of the training course

All the participants appreciated the contents and methodology of the trainers. The knowledge and experiences gained after the training would enhance the participants’ skills in identification and calculation of wastewater tariffs in their provinces and cities in a scientific and accurate manner.

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