How to Maintain and Bring into play the Capacity of Trainers

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That was one of the important aspects addressed in the last day of the ToT course in Financing and Asset Management (SW2). SW2 is part of the component on ToT in wastewater management which is implemented by VWSA and GIZ (through the Wastewater Management Programme WMP)

SW2 took place on 23 - 25/11/2016 at the Academy for Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC).




13 participants attended the course facilitated by Mr. Mostafabiad – an expert from Margraf International. Similar to the SW1, in the exciting and proactive of the participants, SW2 took place like a workshop on experiences sharing among the trainers and the participants to improve the contents of the module on corporate financial management, asset management and calculation of wastewater tariffs. It was also a practical step for the trained trainers.

The advantage of the SW2 was that it was organized right after success of the pilot training course on calculation of wastewater tariffs for the organizations in the central region of Vietnam delivered by some participants. Therefore, the experiences in designing a session, questions from the participants, advantages and disadvantages in delivering this module were openly discussed, shared and solutions for improvements were sought.

This is also the last ToT course in the framework of the ToT Programme which is jointly implemented by VWSA and GIZ. For this reason, SW2 reserved 1 session to discuss on how to maintain and bring into play the capacity of the trained trainers in the future.




Communications channels and linkages were proposed through the website of VWSA and other instruments such as maintaining regular meetings or proposing next training activities when there is the need for updated information on policies and technology in wastewater sector.

In regards of preparation for the coming training courses, the trained trainers discussed on development of a series of training materials to facilitate preparation for the courses in terms of contents.

Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu – Head of the Training Division of VWSA, Ms. Pham Thi Van Lan – Coordinator of the training programme of VWSA and GIZ and Mr. Mostafabiad presented the certificates to 3 trained trainers, namely: Trinh Thi Thu Ha, Tran Quoc Vinh and Tran Thi Luu. For this, the number of trainers trained by VWSA and GIZ has increased to 27. This is a valuable knowledge asset of the wastewater sector in general and of VWSA in particular.

Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu, on this occasion, extended his sincere thanks for the strong support of the WMP-GIZ, the contribution and efforts of the trainers from Margraf International and the active participation of the participants over the past months. The first pilot training courses delivered by the trained trainers in Hue and Da Nang have been greatly appreciated in terms of both contents and teaching methodology and have illustrated the efficiency and great potential for upscaling. This is a very positive impact of the ToT programme and a convincing evidence for the success of the cooperation between VWSA and GIZ through the WMP.

SW2 has brought to an end with many promises for exciting training activities in the future with the participation of the trainers of VWSA.


Activities of the SW2 can be found at:




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