Wastewater Training Catalogue

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From 2015, Phase 4 of GIZ-WMP’s training activities has focused on scaling up and institutionalization of the training program. To ensure training is available on a national scale for ALL water and sewerage service providers, GIZ-WMP works with the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA), which offers training on a long-term and sustainable basis. The approach for sustainable capacity development is to support the training program via three pillars:

• Developing 11 training modules organized in 9 courses, which cover the institutional and organizational, financial and technical aspects of the sector.

• Training a pool of 27 national trainers who deliver 11 training modules in 9 courses.

• Supporting Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association deliver training courses. Developing a training delivery scheme with a sustainability and demand based approach.

 The targeted beneficiaries of the training program are staff, professionals and/ or individuals who need additional knowledge, and who generally work in the wastewater and drainage sector.

VWSA and GIZ would like to introduce the Wastewater Training Catalogue that includes series of training courses offered by VWSA. Interested participants are encouraged to contact VWSA for registration.

Links to the Wastewater Training Catalogue:



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