Guideline on Management and Implementation of Communication Activities

Created on 24 June 2010 Print Email

Component:TC Component 2–Capacity Development in Wastewater Management

Perspective: Community Relation

Title:IEC guideline

Author: Nguyen Thuy Ha, Tran Tien Duc

One of the WWM project objectives is to enhance wastewater management capacity in the target areas, improving the health condition of the local community. To this end, in addition to the construction of a wastewater treatment and sewerage system, it is also important to obtain the community's support in the operation of sewerage facilities and the collection of wastewater fee. The project has, therefore, encouraged the companies to carry out public information and public awareness raising campaigns (PICPAC) in a various number of ways including communication activities.

So, what is communication? What are the skills and knowledge that those responsible for communication in companies and organizations need for the most effective planning, implementation and supervision of communications activities?

These guidelines serve as a material supporting communication workers, ensuring the public relations between the company and the community for better performance.

The document can be downloaded here

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