First decentralised waste water treatment plant operational now

Created on 23 September 2010 Print Email

We are proud to inform about the inauguration of our first decentralised waste water treatment plant in Vinh City.

The WWM project in cooperation with Vinh City Infrastructure Management and Development JSC has selected a school and a Kindergarten nearby to demonstrate a reliable, simple, and cost-effective waste water treatment technology. The plant will be treating the waste water without using chemicals or electricity, hence reducing operation costs down to a minimum. It serves some 1200 pupils and teachers, and is expected to reduce pollution of the environment remarkably.

By picking a school for this first project in Vinh we have the chance to combine 2 things: making pupils and teachers aware of environmental issues by integrating this project into the school curricula, and giving an example for others in Vinh City who might be interested in purifying their waste water.

As mentioned, this technology is most suitable for conditions in Vinh, since it is easy to install, relatively low in investment, and easy to operate. The WWM project will follow up with Information-Education-Communication activities in order "spread the word" about decentralised sanitation.

The photos taken during the inauguration of the plant on August 30, 2010 can be seen from this link.

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