Visit to Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bac Ninh

Created on 21 December 2011 Print Email

In December 2011, representatives from many national and international organisations dealing with water and sanitation issues were invited by the WMP to visit a decentralised wastewater treatment (DWWT) plant in Viem Xa village, Bac Ninh City.

This field trip and technical visit served the purpose of kicking-off a discussion on the various aspects of DWWT among sectorIMG_0061klein stakeholders, donors and beneficiaries.

Mr Frank Pogade, Chief Technical Advisor of the WMP’s Component 3 welcomed the delegation and introduced the local concept of a “Simplified Sewer System” and house connections as well as treatment of domestic wastewater. He focussed on the various positive experiences, but also the many challenges and problems that have to be solved yet. The project has committed itself to stay and improve the performance of the plant over the next years, in order to gain as much experience as possible from this demonstration project.

The WMP hopes to continue this process of constant knowledge sharing. The visitors expressed their interest in a future cooperation on DWWT issues. More workshops and events are supposed to be carried out in the near future.

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