Meeting on Review of Phase 2 and Preparation for Phase 3 of WMP

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On 17 January, 2011, the MoC/GIZ Wastewater Management Programme (WMP) hosted a Meeting on the Review of Phase 2 and Preparation for Phase 3 of the Technical Cooperation Module. The Meeting was held in Hanoi in the context that the phase 2 ended on 31 October, 2011 and the planning for phase 3 is undergoing. The Meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien, Director General of ATI and Mr. Hanns-Bernd Kuchta, WMP Programme Manager.

Despite being organized at the time close to the Lunar New Year, the meeting attracted participation of 35 people. The attendance, among others, included representatives from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Governmental Office, relevant departments under MoC, namely ATI, Department of International Cooperation, Institute of Construction Economics, international organizations and development agencies such as Embassy of Finland, FINIDA, JICA, WHO, WB as well as journalists.

IMG_0365_cropped_smallParticipants at the Meeting

 The phase 2 of the Programme lasted for 3 years from August, 2008 to October, 2011 and consisted of two components representing a multi-level approach:

  • Component 1: Capacity development for MoC and relevant agencies in wastewater and solid waste management (national level)
  •  Component 2: Capacity building in wastewater management in the programme provinces (local level – wastewater company or local government) covering 6 provinces of Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Vinh, Can Tho, Soc Trang and Tra Vinh.

In Component 1, ATI and GIZ supported the implementation of the Decree No. 88/2007/ND-CP in the provinces, organized successfully various conferences, forums and training events, developed the sector monitoring system for wastewater and solid waste management, published a collection of legal documents and best practices on infrastructure management. In addition, management staff of MoC were provided with training and capacity building through workshops, international conferences and study tours.

In Component 2, ATI and GIZ provided technical assistance to the local governments and wastewater service providers in 6 provinces, aiming at improved wastewater services and raised awareness of the community. The core areas of intervention and capacity development of this component covers: institutional development, organizational development, financial management and customer management & community awareness, asset management, Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and human resources management, decentralized wastewater management and effluent and surface water monitoring. Some of the main achievements are: the regulations on sewerage and wastewater management in the provinces, the detailed template for a management contract, software/financial report template, software for customer management including billing system, formulation of wastewater tariff calculation in all the provinces.

Built on the success of Phase 2, Phase 3 is expanded to three new cities of Hoa Binh, Son La and Lang Son and comprises three components, namely: (1) advisory services to Ministry of Construction in the wastewater and solid waste sector; (2) advisory services to provincial governments in the field of wastewater and solid waste management and (3) advisory services to service providers in the area of wastewater and solid waste management. The three components illustrate more strongly the multi-level approach and will focus on local institutional development, organizational development of wastewater companies, asset management/O&M in wastewater companies, decentralized wastewater management and community awareness.

The participants greatly appreciated the multi-level approach, methodology and contents of WMP in general, as well as the achievements of Phase 2 and outlook of Phase 3 in particular. In addition, they provided recommendations on further dissemination & replication of best practices and success stories of Phase 2 and shared the view of closer coordination among the donor community active in wastewater sector in Phase 3. The contribution from the participants would be taken into account in Phase 3 of the programme to ensure its efficiency and success.

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