Proposed Organisational Changes in Bac Ninh Water Supply and Sewerage Company

Created on 27 February 2012 Print Email

In July 2012, the newly constructed wastewater treatment plant in Bac Ninh City - financed by KfW - is planned to become operational.

Bac Ninh Water Supply and Sewerage Company (BNWSSC) understood the importance of restructuring the Wastewater Management (WWM) Division for WMM_Chart_Enghaving the ability to manage the newly constructed treatment plant.

Mr. Dinh Quang Hiep, Chairman of BNWSSC, invited consultants from WMP for discussing a new set-up of the Division, and expected that WMP would help to restructure the Company as well as provide training to staff involved in O&M of wastewater assets.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quyet, Head of WWM Division presented his proposals for restructuring the WWM Division and its proposed organizational chart after restructuring. His preparation was very detailed, especially on functions and duties of the Division.

Mr. Dinh Dang Minh, institutional advisor for WMP, presented functions and duties of each section and proposed a reviewed organizational chart for the future WWM Division. It will have two parts: O&M of drainage network and O&M of WWTP, pumping stations and pressure mains, including the Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Plant in Viem Xa village.

All participants have elaborated a draft Organizational Chart of the WWM Division (please refer to the graph) and agreed on a number of next steps and a time frame for implementation.

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