WMP Introduces Fact Sheets as a New Tool to Build Perceptions and Communicate Knowledge and New Ideas

Created on 02 March 2012 Print Email

Every project managers knows the problem. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, talk at cross purposes. Not rarely it occurs during meetings, workshops, discussions, trainings that two sides discuss about a technical issue without really knowing that the discussion partner has a completely different understanding of the content that is being talked about. Two persons with two different perceptions of a concept, a word or a term. This often leads to surprising, if not disappointing results in cooperation. The problem becomes even more severe when new terms and concepts are developed and introduced.

fact_sheet_thumbnailTo tackle these challenges of interpersonal communication in an intercultural context, WMP decided to develop and publish a series of fact sheets that explain some of the terms and concepts used on a daily basis during programme implementation.

Fact sheets published by WMP are a description of technical terms, tools or concepts that play an important role in the programme and the Vietnamese urban wastewater sector and might cause difficulties for outsiders to be understood correctly. Fact sheets shall help programme team members as well as other related stakeholders to gain a common understanding of what is really meant when a specific technical term (e.g. CDP, or PSDP) is being used. They therefore serve the purpose of consensus and perception building among all persons involved; they furthermore help speeding up discussions and processes while avoiding misunderstandings.

The first fact sheet describes the concept of a “Provincial Sector Development Plan – PSDP” and is available for download here. More fact sheets will be added to the WMP download section in the near future.

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