Up-scaling the decentralised approach to wastewater management: Workshop in Vinh City

Created on 13 March 2012 Print Email

On March 8, 2012, Wastewater and Solid Waste Management Program (WMP) has taken another step towards the introduction of the decentralised approach to wastewater management and treatment: A workshop in Vinh City was carried out in order to kick-off investigations on the potentials for small-scale wastewater treatment in Nghe An’s capital.

Under the guidance of Component 3 of WMP, participants of the workshop discussed the Terms of Reference of a study that is supposed to create a basis for future decentralised wastewater treatment projects. With the help of a local consulting company (Cong Ty Dai Viet) and the wastewater operator, some 15 potential hot spots in the city will be identified and evaluated for future investments into on-site sanitation. The study will also look into institutional and organisational issues, such as O&M procedures and community involvement.

The workshop did not only serve as a starting point for more decentralised projects, it is also an important tool for disseminating the idea of combining centralised and decentralised treatment options in a large city like Vinh. Through comprehensive discussions, including highest officials from the City People’s Committee like Chairman and Vice-Chairman, information and fresh ideas could be brought to the attention of local decision makers.

It was encouraging to see the strong support and enthusiasm of Vinh’s government and their stakeholders in sanitation.
The study is scheduled for finalisation in July 2012.

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