Announcement on the Workshop on Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning

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Within 7 years, the Wastewater Management Programme (WMP) has gone through two phases and transferred in-depth knowledge in various fields. The concept of Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning has been introduced to the wastewater companies cooperating with the programme.

A national workshop on Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning will be carried out in May 2012. The aim of this workshop is to present the theoretical perspectives, research results and practical experiences in the field of Knowledge Management. Thus, the programme stakeholders can get a better understanding of the need and the ‘how’ to implement Knowledge Management practices. Besides, the workshop is also designed to build networks and to connect the programme with other national and international companies and organizations.

Workshop Issues: The practical use of Knowledge Management for the improvement of the organizations’ competence.

Suggested areas and topics are:

• Knowledge acquisition from international mother companies
• Knowledge acquisition: to make knowledge visible
• Management information system (applied software)
• Knowledge storage
• Documentation
• Use of Intranet
• Encouragement of initiating new ideas, of learning
• Best practices and awards
• Electronic learning tools inside the organization
• Mechanism for knowledge flow: working group connections, regular discussion sessions
• Internal training approach: Mentoring /Peer assistance/ Coaching
• Neighbourhood networks: knowledge and experiences exchange

Participants: WMP Companies Directors, WMP Companies Knowledge Management Team, WMP (GIZ, GFA, MoC), selected national companies and corporations (where Knowledge Management is applied), selected international companies and organizations, German Companies in Vietnam, selected consulting groups and universities.

Time: 30th May 2012
Place:  to be informed

You are warmly invited to share your knowledge and make a presentation!

The final programme and details on the venue will be published here in due time.

Contact: Ms Le Thi Tu Anh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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