Cooperation kicked off in Son La City

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The WMP as well as authorities and institutions dealing with waste water management in Son La City have officially commenced working on capacity development on May 8, 2012. A workshop for drafting a “Provincial Sector Development Plan for Urban Waste Water Management” (PSDP) has been held in order to jointly define the first IMG_0081_copy_copyMr. Bui Duc Hai, Vice Chairman of Son La PPC delivering his opening remarks at the Workshopsteps of the cooperation, which is supposed to enhance the environmental
situation in Son La through improved waste water treatment and management.

All participants were pleased to see this very first workshop running smoothly, and creating a first important result: a roadmap for enhancing the regulatory and institutional framework conditions.

At the same day, a project office within the premises of Son La URENCO was officially opened, serving mainly for the GFA team as a local foothold for capacity building activities in the city.

IMG_0210Ribbon cutting at the official opening of WMP Office in Son La URENCOIMG_0212Mr. Pogade, CTA of WMP and Mr. Tran Manh Hong, President and GD of Son La URENCO at office opening

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