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A two-day team-building retreat was organized for all staff of the TC module of the program at Tan Da Spa Resort near Hanoi on October 17-18, 2008.

Aiming at strengthening co-operation among team members through insights in one's own qualities and roles, the participants received a thorough theoretical introduction to the different team roles in a team as well as the difference between teams and groups. Everybody became aware of the importance of teamwork in order to be effective in achieving the program's goals.

Blocks of theory alternated with action games and riddles as well as tasks to transfer the theory to the team's practical work.

Participants learned about the process how to form a team out of a loose group of people and were asked to identify on which stage of this process they see their team. Finally, each team member drafted a personal action plan outlining each individuals future contribution to apply the lessons learned in the teams day-to-day activities.

This internal retreat effectively raised team spirit and therefore efficiency of the TC team of the program. For more detailed contents and results of the team retreat please download the report here

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