WMP Website comes up with new design and content!

Được viết ngày 21 Tháng 9 2011 In bài này Gửi Email bài này

We are glad to announce the relaunch of the WMP newsletter. The news section can be found on our Website under the already established and well known address www.wastewater-vietnam.org. During the last months we received useful feedback from our visitors which we were able to integrate. WMP-RGBThe achievements of the restructuring process are a fresh design introducing the website to permanent users as well as new visitors and outlining the latest news. The content has been updated as the WM Programme keeps going on successfully.

Besides basic facts about the programme itself and the management structure the WMP Website provides its visitors as well with new features, including a broad variety of relevant documents and the news section. To keep you always up to date we will publish relevant news as soon as they come in.

Get updated on wastewater management. Visit us on www.wastewater-vietnam.org

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