Asset Documentation Sub-Component

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Asset Documentation (AD) is an essential asset management support component within the Wastewater and Solid Waste Management Programme. Since 2008 it has been able to provide the Programme with valuable data about the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the wastewater plants and the wastewater companies’ fixed assets.

Asset_DocumentationAD includes the following processes: the documentation of (i) the type, location and condition of the wastewater (WW) the companies’ fixed assets, (ii) the operation and corrective/preventive maintenance plan, and (iii) the records of executed operation and maintenance work, including its required resources.

In order to implement AD activities, Asset Documentation Units (ADU) were established in the WW companies of Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Vinh, Can Tho, Soc Trang and Tra Vinh by TC Component 2 of the programme. The ADUs are supporting units providing processed GIS-based data to managers, enabling them to better fulfil their day-to-day work as well as preventive O&M planning.

In 2008, the first two ADUs were established, equipped and trained in Bac Ninh and Can Tho Water Supply and Sewerage Companies. Until date the ADUs were able to gather a large amount of WW asset related data (75% of assets in Bac Ninh and 80% of assets in Can Tho could be documented so far) in both cities. The documentation activities are on going.

The acceptance and use of the GIS data on WW assets is very high. The system is compatible with the overall Management Information System provided by the programme and has already been integrated into daily working and planning procedures.

The provision of hardware (GPS devices, computer systems, etc.) and custom-tailored GIS software as well as the trainings for the remaining four cities participating in the programme are on going and will be finalized until the end of phase 2 in October 2011.

The training programme for ADU staff serves the following objectives:

  • Understanding GIS and GPS technology
  • Understanding Survey basics with proper handling and use of GPS for collection of spatial information of WW assets
  • Using the AD software for collection and management of spatial information and for corrective and preventive operation, maintenance and management of WW assets

Besides theoretical training activities, survey practice and the ability to use the provided equipment is considered equally important. Thus, the training Programme contained various exercises and includes follow-up coaching on-the-job by project advisors. The implementation of AD is seen as a great success so far and WMP is looking forward to further support this essential asset management support component.

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