Decentralised Wastewater Treatment is Gaining Momentum

Được viết ngày 02 Tháng 6 2011

The approach to decentralised wastewater treatment, a supplementation to large-scale centralised plants as currently built by many donors in Vietnam, is supported by the German funded “Waste Water and Solid Waste Management Programme” and has just recently added another brick to the wall: A treatment plant for the Viem Xa ward in Bac Ninh City went into operation on June 2, 2011.

Bac_Ninh_opening_newThis sub-project does not only treat the wastewater of some 1.000 people, it also serves as a platform for intensive capacity building measures, involving the Bac Ninh Water Supply & Waste Water Company, the local community and relevant authorities. A wide range of training, monitoring, education and technical fine-tuning activities are planned in order to gain comprehensive knowledge on the implementation of small-scale wastewater projects. A number of technical, administrative and other bottlenecks have been identified already, and will be tackled over the next years in order to develop a realistic and modern approach to wastewater treatment in areas that can not be connected to large-scale, centralised plants.

Beside this, the sub-project in Bac Ninh looks into house connections and simplified sewer systems, and tries to develop standard operation procedures for this kind of complicated works. Operation and maintenance of decentralised plants and related sewer systems are another crucial part of the project’s capacity building.