Training on O&M of Wastewater Treatment Plants

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The Waste Water and Solid Waste Management Programme (WMP) is pleased to announce that the constructions of two of the six wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are proceeding well. The central WWTP of Vinh City has been completed in May this year. After the completion of the on going test-runs, it is estimated to be handed over in autumn 2011 to the local wastewater company, Vinh City Infrastructure Development and Management JSC (INFRAVI), for operation and maintenance. Similarly, constructions of the WWTP in BacNinh City are on their way. The hand-over to the BacNinh Water Supply and Sewerage Company Ltd. is estimated for summer 2012.

The contractor SFC builds both these plants and will also provide a three month trainingCHR_2348 for the operators of the plants that takes place prior to the hand-over. Through this training WMP ensures the correct and professional handling of the machines and equipment installed in the WWTPs. However, equipment-related training alone is not sufficient. In order to truly understand the chemical and biological treatment processes of the complex plants that are among the first of their kind and size in Vietnam, additional training has to be provided to the workers, technicians and managers of the plants. This training will be provided through the programmes’ technical cooperation component 2, sub-contracted to the firm GFA Consulting Group.

The GFA Consulting Group has put together a sub-team of highly experienced international and national consultants and trainers. In a next step detailed job descriptions for each position on the plants were developed, taking into consideration the specific local needs.Concurrently, a ten-week training curriculum was developed following in-depth discussions with the supervising consultants and SFC to match the featured technology and equipment as well as to avoid overlapping with the subsequent contractor’s equipment-related training. Additionally, local partner training institutions were identified and assigned to deliver parts of the training curriculum and to provide the required training facilities.

The training curriculum comprises the following modules and sub-modules:

  • Module #1: Basics in Chemistry, Biology and Laboratory Analysis (delivered by Institute of Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)
  • Module #2: Electrical Basics and Control Systems (delivered by College of Urban Works Construction, Ministry of Construction)
  • Module #3: Basic mechanical training (delivered by College of Urban Works Construction, Ministry of Construction)
  • Module #4: Basic IT skills (delivered by project specialist)
  • Module #5: Ecological Cycles (delivered by project specialist)
  • Module #6: Process technologies (delivered by international expert)

Cross-cutting topics during the entire training were Knowledge Management (KM) and Labor Safety. Being an issue in the component’s capacity building activities ever since, KM aims to sustainably anchor the provided knowledge in the companies, to foster learning techniques and to institutionalize the proper and organized handling of training materials and new knowledge in an organization. Besides being provided with dedicated classes on medical first aid, health and safety and fire extinguishing exercises, all trainees are equipped with proper personal safety equipment and posters to display basic rules and advices at strategic locations within the WWTPs.

The entire ten-week-training package commenced on May 16 and took place in Hanoi. Ten trainees of each wastewater company (BacNinh and Vinh) were selected according to the proposed and discussed organizational charts and job descriptions. Commitments of the wastewater companies ensure that those trained will later on be the ones to actually work on the plants. According to the “all-for-all” approach, all 20 trainees took part in all training modules. This ensures that later on everybody is able to understand the others’ work and tasks and is able to assist or, temporarily, replace a colleague if required.

The professional training and various team building activities have resulted in a highly motivated group of trainees that is eager to learn and has so far mastered all classes with exceptionally good results.

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