Operation & Management Contract template for Vietnamese wastewater companies finalised

Được viết ngày 10 Tháng 10 2011 In bài này Gửi Email bài này

Component 2 of the WMP has just recently finalised a template for an Operation & Management Contract for Vietnamese wastewater companies, based on the requirements in Decree 88 and Circular 09.

Cover_OM_TemplateThis template provides a clear basis for a co-operation between the owner and the operator of the drainage system by defining scopes of services, payment procedures and price adjustments, rights and obligations, scope of services, performance benchmarks, etc.

The templates can be downloaded both in Vietnamese and English from our publication section. The missing annexes will be uploaded in due time.

Given the difficult legal and institutional situation in Vietnam’s sanitation sector, this template may not in every case fit all local requirements, but we are convinced to give stakeholders a basic tool at hand that serves the purpose of creating clear responsibilities and ownership at local levels.

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