Workshops in Bac Ninh and Vinh discussed modern wastewater management

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The wastewater companies and other local institutions in Vinh and Bac Ninh have carried out workshops in October 2011 on how to improve framework conditions for a modern wastewater management.

DSC_0006In Bac Ninh, the Department of Construction has invited many sector stakeholders such as Ministry of Construction, Administration of Industrial Zones, DoNRE and relevant departments of the People’s Committee in order to discuss the draft “Local Regulation on Waste Water Management” as prepared by the WMP and Bac Ninh Water Supply and Sewerage Company.

The “Local Regulation on Waste Water Management” has been acknowledged by all participants as an important document for putting Decree 88 into practice. Important proposals for improving the draft could be gathered. The Provincial People’s Committee intends to implement this regulation as soon as possible.

In Vinh, INFRAVI company invited decision makers from the City’s People Committee in order to discuss:

  1. the Local Regulation on Waste Water Management
  2. the calculation and designated introduction of a cost-covering wastewater tariff in Vinh City
  3. the Management Contract and it’s implication for wastewater management in the city

Again, local sector stakeholders showed a high degree of commitment and interest in the matter. Institutional responsibilities and the share of tasks during implementation were in the centre of the discussion. It became obvious that Vinh City is also making good progress on its way to modern wastewater management.

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